As a contributor, a user may view (without editing permissions) all your website analytics: Visitors, New visitors, IP addresses (if IP anonymization is not enabled), Page visits, Bounce rates, Conversions and even live visitors from the very moment they join the website.

Note: Subscription Settings (billing, card details, invoices etc)  will not be displayed for any contributor.

To add a contributor:

  1. Log in to your Visitor Analytics account
  2. Go to My Account 
  3. Identify the website that you want to add a Contributor to
  4. Click the Contributors icon and Add Website Contributor
  5. Add your Contributor's E-mail and Name

Note: If the Contributor already has a Visitor Analytics account, he just has to access the Contributor role and the website data will be displayed in his account. If the Contributor is not registered, he/she should first Sign Up and create a Visitor Analytics account and then accept the Contributor role.

To remove a contributor:

  1. Log in to your Visitor Analytics account
  2. Go to My Account (You can also select Manage Websites from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner, by the Visitor Analytics’ logo)
  3. Identify the website with contributor/s that you’d like to remove
  4. Click the Contributors icon 
  5. Click the Delete Contributor icon placed near your contributor name
  6. Insert your password to confirm and click Delete Contributor

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