Visitor Analytics offers e-mail reports related to your website stats, based on your settings:

  1. Every day
  2. Every week
  3. Every month
  4. Never

Or you can opt-in to receive tailored Tips & tricks on improving your website performance and Visitor Analytics usage (no more than 2 emails/month) or to receive special offers from Visitor Analytics (no more than 1 email/month)

If you used to receive push notifications on your mobile phone any time someone visited your site, or when a visitor started a chat with you, most probably you had the WiX Mobile App installed.
By default, Wix Chat notifications are enabled on the WiX Mobile app and the service & data is not tied to Visitor Analytics.

If you want to activate this service, check this short WiX article about Managing Chat and Visitor Notifications in the Wix Mobile App

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