A conversion page is something that you consider important for the success of your website: a successful payment, a submitted form or reaching a specific document uploaded on your website. 

Here is how to define a conversion page and track the number of unique visitors who convert:

  1. Sign in to your Visitor Analytics account and select your Website 
  2. Go to your Pages menu and select Conversions, then in the upper right corner, right above the graphic, you have a button to Edit conversion pages which will redirect you to the Page settings menu (or you can go directly to Page settings)
  3. In the Conversion Types section, you could group your conversions by categories and see your stats based on your conversion type
  4. Give that type of conversion a name, Add one or more pages to that type, and click on Add conversion type button
  5. Now, every time someone is visiting at least one of your chosen pages, that visitor will be considered a conversion visitor

E.g: As an example, if you have an online store, you can create a "Thank You" page and you can select that as your conversion page. So, every time a visitor is reaching the "Thank You" page (success page), it counts as a conversion.

NOTES: The list of pages from which you can choose is based on your already existing pages, that had at least one visit on them.              
              You may
add a Dynamic page as a conversion if you want to.            
              If you add a page to multiple conversion types, the visitors will be considered of several conversion types as well. Also the number of Conversions on that specific page will be multiplied (depending on the number of additions).             

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