Visitor Analytics offers to Subscription plans in the WiX Market: Basic Package (free) and premium Package (Starts from 4.99 USD).

For the Basic Package, you can see the overview information for your last 1000 page visits per Month and limited features within the app, while the Premium Package offers you unlimited stats per month and full access to the features.
Once you reach the 1000 page visits limit, Visitor Analytics will stop tracking your website and display the limit. 

Once a new month begins, the tracking will start and be displayed in your dashboard in real-time.

NOTE: Once the limit is reached and we stop tracking, there is no way to go back and restore your website stats. If you are running campaigns or there is an important event on your website, we highly recommend you to upgrade to the Premium Package. No strings attached & You can cancel at any moment. 

If you wish to find out the benefits of using the Premium version of the app, do not hesitate to Contact our support team.

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