Depending on your button, our answer may differ.
If your button is leading to another page within your site or to a document having your site URL, you can track the button by using the URL campaign feature. 

Please follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Go to 👉
  2. Add your URL and fill the form with your wished parameters (e.g. signup_button)
  3. Copy the resulted URL 
  4. Add it to your button, like <a href="_your_resulted_url_">button</a>
  5. Done! Check your URL Campaigns stats 

Another way to track who submitted/subscribed or simply selected a particular button, is to create a hidden "Thank you" page on your website (being hidden will allow you to have more accurate stats) and link it to your button. This way, your visitors will be redirected to that specific page, which can be set up as a Conversion page.

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