Visitor Analytics offers the approximate location of your visitor based on their IP.  Each visitor will have a unique IP address (with some small exceptions) assigned to all the devices such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones to identify itself and communicate with other devices and for location address.

Each Internet Service Provider (ISP) that gives an IP will also register the city and all the details of the person with the said IP. Now, because of privacy laws that are meant to protect you, they are allowed to give out the real address of a visitor, but we can identify the approximate visitor area. To which we added an extra layer of security and anonymity and we say that the visitor is somewhere in a 1-3 miles radius.

NOTE: If an IP is registered in a different city or the internet provider did not update the database we display it as it is - and this is something that all the services are doing at the moment.You can also check the IPs by using maxmind or and see where they are located based on the registration.

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