We are now part of the Drupal community. You can add Visitor Analytics on your Drupal 7/8 site directly from Modules Market.

How to install the module (once you have it as .zip or .tar.gz):

    1. Go to Modules (Drupal 7) / Extend (Drupal8)
    2. Make sure that Update Manager enabled (so you can install new modules) and Save configuration (only for Drupal 7)
3. Click on Install new module
    4. Choose the .zip/.tar.gz file and Install it
    5. Enable Visitor Analytics and Save configuration (only for Drupal 7)
6. Select Configure button, right by Visitor Analytics module.

Note: Visitor Analytics can be found in Configuration menu as well.

More than that, if you do not want to install the module, you can simply add a script (our tracking code) to the source code of your website, following these steps:

  1. Copy your Tracking code
  2. Log into your Drupal account and select your project
  3. Click on “Structure” button from the top left side
  4. Select “Block layout” and then “Custom block library”
  5. Click on “Add custom block” button

   6. Give your block a name
   7. At the bottom chance select the “Text format” to “Full  
   8. Select “Source”
   9. Paste the Visitor Analytics tracking code into the text box
   10. Hit the “Save” button

   11. Click “Block layout” tab
   12. Scroll down and click “Place Block” button next to Footer
   13. Click “Place Block” button next to your freshly created
   14. Click on “Save blocks” button.

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