If you want to use Visitor Analytics on multiple domains connected to the same website, we have your back!

Domain Whitelisting is now available in your Settings and you can start whitelisting as many domains as you want.

Here's how this feature can help your business! 👇

By whitelisting a domain you can include your websites' tracking code on other domains or subdomains that you own and consider part of your website or business —such as landing pages, blogs or temporary projects that you want to track. 

Basically, if your website is mywebsite.com, you can whitelist your tracking code for blog.mywebsite.com, webinar.mywebsite.com, mywebsite.shopify.com and track all the visits under a single Visitor Analytics account and site.
No need to have multiple tracking codes and keep switching pages to see your stats!

Follow these steps to whitelist your domains:

  1. Log-in to your Visitor Analytics account and select your website
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Scroll down and add your domains under Domain Whitelisting
  4. Click Apply

After you apply the domains:

  • To view the domains on the whitelists, you just have to check your Settings and see your Domain Whitelisting card
  • To delete a domain from the whitelist, select the domain and click the x icon
  • Add and remove domains as you grow your business

Note: Whitelisting your own domain will add an extra layer of security to your account as it will prevent other domains from using your tracking script!

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