We know that checking your stats by going through your Wix dashboard can be a pain! But worry no more! You can now see your stats without logging into Wix and by using your mobile device as well!
And we have some extra features too: you can add contributors to view your stats or track your campaigns traffic, all these from a responsive app, that can be easily added to your phone or tablet.

Note: This feature is available only if you have the premium version of Visitor Analytics app for the selected website.

Here are the steps to get direct access to your stats:

  1. Go to your Wix account, select the site that you want direct access to and go to the Visitor Analytics app

  2. Click the "Activate direct access" button from your overview

  3. Add your email address and click Activate Direct Access!

  4. Check your Email Inbox (the Spam folder too) for the email address written in the previous step and click on the link button Get direct access to my data

Note: If you didn't receive an email after this step, or you want to create a Visitor Analytics account with another email address, or you realized you wrote a wrong email address, click the "Resend direct access request" link in the Visitor Analytics app from your Wix account and complete the form with the desired email address

  5. Create a new Visitor Analytics account using the email address from previous steps (if you don't have one already). No worries, we will import your Wix site stats here!
  6. From this step forward, you can go to Visitor Analytics Login anytime and see the stats for the Wix site(s) you've added.
  7.  Add Visitor Analytics to your phone/tablet for easier and faster access

If you want to see the stats of another Wix site in the same Visitor Analytics account, you can repeat all the steps above, by completing the "Activate Direct Access" form using the same email address.

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