Would you like to know who have submitted a form or subscribed a newsletter to your website? Despite the fact that this cannot be simply done, that's possible, though, thanks to the following workaround:

  1. Add a form on your page. From your Editor, select Add button and Contact  

The form can also be a custom one. Here is how to create one and connect it to a database.

    2. Create a Thank you page (or something similar) and hide it from being seen by visitors (this will allow you to have more accurate stats). You can personalize it as you please.

    3. Go back to the page where your form is, select it and click on Settings icon. Select Link to page or lightbox and choose the Thank you page. This will redirect the users to your newly created page

    4. Publish your changes

If you want to track any other actions of a custom button, all you have to do is to repeat the 2nd step, then select the button and link it to your page.

    5. Set your Thank you page as a Conversion page within your Dashboard.

That's it! You can now simply distinguish who is submitting/subscribing something out.

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