Install Video Recordings to record & play videos of what the visitors did on your website!
We know how important it is to see what your customers do on the website. With Visitor Recordings, you will replay the full visitor experience, identify pain points, boost conversions, and optimize your site.

So here are the steps to follow in order to activate the Visitor Recordings feature👇

  1. Log into your Wix account, go to My Sites and Select & Edit your site
  2. Go to Apps from the Main left-side menu, select Visitor Analytics, then click on Install on my website button of the pop-up message
  3. If there is no pop-up message when you open the app, go to Settings (within Visitor Analytics app) and get it from there, then follow the instructions of the second pop-up message that will appear on your screen (check this video related to the next steps):
  4. Copy the tracking code generated by our app
  5. Go back to Main Menu in Wix Dashboard and select Settings
  6. Click on Tracking & Analytics and select the New Tool button
  7. Select Custom and paste your javascript code generated by our app into the box titled ‘Paste the code snippet here’. Give the Custom Code a name (e.g. Visitor Recordings by Visitor Analytics)

See here steps 5 to 7:

   8. Go to Add Code to Pages, select All pages and from the drop-down menu select        Load code once
   9. Select Head to place your code in. Choosing Head or Body-Start will generally            ensure that the javascript triggers across all pages.
   10. Click on Apply button and your are all set!

See here steps 8 to 10:

Notes: This feature is only available for Visitor Analytics Premium. Please note that in order to add a custom script, you need to have a premium Wix account as well.
             Your visitors must leave the website in order for you to see the recordings within our app.
             There are some limitations that prevent us from recording certain things on your website. Check out this article for more details.

You are all set now! 🎉 Just go to Visitor Analytics, select Latest visitors and check your visitors' journeys on your website.

Get a better understanding of how this feature works, checking out the following video:

This feature is available for websites that have Direct Access to our standard app as well (Here is how to claim it, if it was not yet). Just log into your Visitor Analytics account and go to Latest visitors to check the recordings.

Note: This feature is available within our standard app, only for Visitor Analytics Premium in Wix and only if Direct Access was claimed.

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