If you added the Visitor Analytics widget to your website and you can see it on the public website, no worries: this can be changed at any moment! 

Here is how to manage your stats (stat-counter widget) visibility on your website:

  1. Go to your Wix Editor and click on the Visitor Analytics widget
  2. Click the Settings button in the upper side of your widget and a new menu will show up. (If you cannot see the Settings or View stats buttons, please switch your Wix language to English)
  3. Go to the new opened menu and click Settings
  4. Select Don't display on website 
  5. Publish your website changes (from the upright corner of the editor).
    By doing this, nothing gets shown on your website and you can check all the stats from your Visitor Analytics Dashboard or by clicking View Stats on the widget.

Note: If the widget is still visible after you chose not to display it and published it, please clear your browser's cache, refresh the page and Publish the changes again (with the Don't display on website option selected).

If you do not want anything added to your website (either in your editor or on your live website) but only to track the data, you can install the Visitor Analytics dashboard app only. Just take a look at this article and install the app according to your preferences, then check your stats at any moment!


Make sure that you do not have any Adblocker (e.g. AdBlock, Avira, uBlock, Ads Killer etc.) active. Otherwise, the app might have displaying issues.
Make sure that you DO NOT delete the stat-counter widget from the Editor (if it was installed). Removing this element will also delete the app from your site's dashboard.

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