You can now install Visitor Recordings, a feature that will allow you to record & play videos of what visitors did on your website!

We know how important it is to see what your customers do on the website. With Visitor Recordings, you will replay the full visitor experience, identify pain points, boost conversions, and optimize your site. However, there are some limitations that prevent us from recording certain things on your website, due to some technical security clauses. They are mentioned below:

Visitor Recordings Limitations

Websites come in all types and, unfortunately, there are some limitations to the Visitor Recording feature: 

  • If you have iFrames, images or SVGs being part of a deeper iFrame, you may see a Missing content message at the moment, as we cannot access iframes. Same for the recordings created for visits by users who have AdBlockers in use on their browser.
  • If your Wix blog or site has additional pop-ups, apps or widgets installed, Visitor Analytics won't access that information due to security reasons, as those are third-party apps and our code is added on your website.
  • Parallax scrolling is best replayed via Firefox browsers.
  • Some dynamic pages may encounter issues in displaying hover elements (such as eCommerce apps within Wix).
  • Some records might not appear in your list, due to the fact that visitors have blocked Cookies, or they have Do Not Track option enabled in their browsers. Another possibility would be the Easy Privacy option enabled within their ad-blocker/extension.
    Note: If none of these exceptions (described at this point), does not apply to your visitors, they must leave the website, in order for you to see the resulted recording.

Your feedback is really important!

Your feedback is very valuable for us and it will help us grow faster and improve Visitor Analytics and all its features for you.
If you face any issue, such as malfunctions or misbehaviors of the player, or maybe you feel like something is not clear or is completely missing, feel free to contact us (via email , or via chat) and we will look into it soon as possible.
It will be highly appreciated and it will help us to improve the functionality of our feature any time soon.

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