A dynamic page is a web page with variable content, that displays different, unique data at each visit. For example a successful payment page may change depending on user info or order details.

You can now set up Dynamic pages to merge visits on pages whose url contains, starts or ends with something you set. Here is how to define a dynamic page:

  1. Sign in to your Visitor Analytics account and select your Website
  2. Go to Page settings menu
  3. Click on Add Dynamic Page and set the desired parameters

E.g: You might have some category pages with URLs such as /category/{id} where {id} is a variable part. If you want to track visits to /category/{id} as a single page, rather than having each category as an individual page, you can group them into a single page with dynamic parameters (contains / starts with "category").

NOTES: All your old visits will be automatically taken under the wing of that specific dynamic page (if they correspond to your parameters).
              If you remove that dynamic page, everything will get back to the initial form,
none data will be lost.
              This whole thing will take effect only in Page visits menu and you'll still be able to see each page with the exact URL within
Latest visitors in each user's history.
              You may add a Dynamic page into a
conversion type if you want to.

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