Visitor Analytics does everything it can do to obtain data from all the visitors coming to your site. Even so, there are sessions where visitor data cannot be collected. The app cannot track visitors who:

◾️ Are excluded due to the Free version limit exceeding. Learn more about our basic package limitation.

◾️ Have enabled Do Not Track option in their Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Opera etc. browser (or its equivalent Ask websites not to track me named in Safari).

◾️ Have blocked JavaScript in their browser permissions settings.

◾️ Preferred to disable Visitor Analytics from our Opt-Out page.

◾️ Have their IP ignored within your Visitor Analytics settings.

◾️ Run browser extensions such as AdBlock, Avira, uBlock, Ads Killer, uBlock Origin, uBlock Plus, AdBlock Genesis Plus etc. that have EasyPrivacy option enabled (which means that loading additional tracking scripts is not allowed).

◾️ Furthermore: Visitor Analytics have a bot & crawler filter, so it does not collect data from most of the bots and crawlers around the web, in order to keep the stats as accurate as possible.

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